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   Are you getting ready for the PQA quiz meet on September 20? If so, you've come to the right place! This is the only website that offers online flashcards and other methods of studying especially for PQA (Piedmont Quizzing Association) Bible quizzers! The study materials on this site may also be helpful for AACS and FQA quizzers, as well as any other quizzers memorizing the Book of Matthew. Here you can find fun games and activities to help you learn and review your quiz verses, as well as information about PQA rules, schedules, and stats. This site will be updated soon with activities to help you memorize Matthew 8-12 for the PQA quiz meet on September 20th! The blog also covers a few other quiz tournaments. To have access to the flashcards and activities on The Bible Quiz Study Site, just sign up on the Members page of this site! 

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